Wheels on the Bus Songs for Kids

We have classical lullabies that we can teach our kids. We can also remember a wide variety of songs that we taught while we were kids. These the wheels on the bus songs may sound silly but we used to sing along and had fun with our friends.

The history behind most religious hymns

The amazing grace song is one of the religious songs that will illuminate someone’s heart. The writer of the amazing song wanted it to be a song that would run in generations and people may also know about Christianity. During the Cuban crisis, their history was dark and they had a traditional song “Do you hear what I hear” which was to comfort the people warfare.

During the Sunday school children will also learn, “Jesus loves the little children.” Song author Clarence Woolston who had talent in writing songs for religious children. Most of these songs enrich our kids and make them understand about GOD our supreme being. As we sing along as parents’ children also get meanings of words and they serve as great opportunities for kids to know more things like our history and origin. It is also a great time to answer all toddler questions.

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