How to Do Your Own Beer Gift Baskets

The festive season is soon approaching and you are probably planning to give your closest relatives beer as a gift. Well, why not try and make your very own beer basket to show your sincerity even better? This will add a unique impression and added value to your gift for your relatives. Here are some tips on how you can make your own beer gift baskets.

How Many Beer Bottles Do You Need?

To begin with, you don’t have to put too many bottles of beer. In fact, one or two bottles will usually suffice. Thankfully, you can actually save money while purchasing beer if you know where to look. Some stores have great wines offered at very attractive rates.

The Container

After purchasing the bottles of wine, your next concern is what you will contain those beer bottles with. Well, you can always use a picnic basket or a champagne bucket, for examples. Other options can also include Asian style trunk, wicker basket, antique trunk, straw basket or just a seasonal container.

The Liner and Filler

For the liner of your beer basket, you can use things like tea towels, colored napkins or shredded paper. Meanwhile, for your basket filler, things like crumpled newspaper comics, shredded color paper or wrapped candies are always of great help.

The Container Items

Now, what items do you need to put inside the container, besides those bottles of beer you have purchased earlier? Well, gift certificates often come to mind. After all, who does not appreciate a gift certificate, right? You can put a gift certificate for a visit to the spa, to begin with. For alternatives, you can also give a gift certificate for newly released movie DVDs, beauty products, fragrant candles and many more.

The Wrapping

Now, for the wrapping of your gift basket, cellophane wrap is a good thing to use. To save you your money, you can purchase this wrap in large quantities. Of course, don’t forget to use some ribbons, preferably some wired fabric ribbon, to eventually tie off your beer basket.

Where Is the Card?

You certainly don’t want all your efforts to go into waste, do you? Therefore, do not forget to include your name as the sender. Put it on a card and simply tuck it in your wrapper ribbon. Voila, your gift is now ready!

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