Children’s Nursery Rhyme Songs for Bedtime

Do your children love being sung to before they fall asleep? Do they have any favorites? If they don’t, we recommend exposing them to some of the wonderful lullabies to help them get to bed. Soon enough, they will begin to love these nursery rhymes. They will even have their own list of favorites that they like to hear before they just off into dreamland.

A Classic Bedtime Lullaby

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is arguably one of the most well-known lullabies around, and it is a personal favorite of mine. It has been a staple in homes around the world since it was written and published in 1806.

The full version of the song has five verses, however, the lullaby version only has one. This is a simplified version of the song. It is simple so your child can relax and drift off without being overwhelmed with too many verses and all of the highs and lows that we hear from other songs.

The imagery used in the song, combined with the visuals that Mum Mum TV creates, makes it easy for any child to catch on to and join in with the stars and animals singing about.

Use of Imagery throughout the Song

The reference to the star looking like a diamond is a good use of imagery that will help your child become more familiar with these types of literary devices. Even though they may not be aware of it, showing them lullabies like this will help them better understand how the English language works as a start to gain an understanding of it.

Your Children’s Nursery Rhyme Songs

The next time you tuck your toddler in at night, sing then a lullaby before you turn the lights off. It will give them something to look forward to when they get ready for bed each night. It also signals when bedtime is here, making it easier to get them to fall asleep.

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